McCain Comment Leaked Out of White House

McCain Comment Leaked Out of White House

Another leak has emerged out of the White House, this time the comment was made by White House aide Kelly Sadler. The remark sent tensions at the White House through the roof and staffers were warned to expect personnel changes to come very soon.

White House staffers and advisers are reportedly laying blame on others and the media is having a field day. Politico reports that White House officials are putting more emphasis on the leaks rather than the significance of Sadler’s remark. This has stirred up a lot of anger with Republican lawmakers as well as the McCain family. Trump has called the people who leaked the comments “traitors and cowards” and promised to figure out their identities.

The comment made by Sadler was at an internal meeting when she stated that McCain’s criticism of CIA director Gina Haspel ahead of her affirmation didn’t matter because “he’s dying anyway.”

The press and communications teams have bred more anger within the departments as tensions rise.

One Republican strategist with ties to the White House staff said, “Trump has bred a totally dysfunctional and disloyal atmosphere. He is the reason why the White House operates this way. If he’s unhappy with it, then he should look in the mirror.”

Do you agree with Trump’s methods? 94% of you voted yes, while only 6% of you voted that Trump’s tactics were not your style. Read the full story on Politico here.

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Looks like President Trump is going to be cleaning house after the latest White House leak. Do you agree with his methods?

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