The “Golden Rule” to Keeping the Spark Alive

The “Golden Rule” to Keeping the Spark Alive

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have given us all a very special gift – the perfect formula to keeping the spark alive. Celebrities are just like us, and even they admit that relationships and marriage take work! Jessica Biel, who has been married to Justin Timberlake still has that newlywed glow after six years. The two are still going strong and in celebrity numbers, six years is a whole lot! Jessica Biel recently revealed her secrets to a happy marriage, especially with both balancing busy careers and parenthood.

“You just have to make time for date night, time for yourself alone and time with your partner,” Biel shared. “It has to be fun!”

The couple who share a 3-year-old son, Silas, shared how they have mastered the key with the help of a very important “golden rule” that Justin Timberlake created.

“My husband always says, ‘We can’t stop dating.’ I love that because it’s true,” she explained. “You have to continue to make the space for yourself and your partner to just have fun like you did before you had kids. And not talk about them! Keep it fresh, keep it exciting. Spontaneous if at all possible.”

We love it! Justin clearly has a way with words. Now we see why these two are always smiling. Jessica also added that the couple are “not currently” working on adding anymore Timberlake’s at this moment. Read more about this story on E! News here.

We can’t deny dating advice from JT and Jessica. Now, we just need to hire a nanny or babysitter to the list of things to do. Do you think their “Golden Rule” sounds like good advice? 90% agree that it is the perfect formula, while 10% disagree and have a better idea of their own.

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On keeping the spark alive, Jessica Biel shares “You just have to make time for date night, time for yourself alone and time with your partner.” Does this sound like good advice?

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