Texas “Columbine” Copycat Catches Trump’s Attention

Texas “Columbine” Copycat Catches Trump’s Attention

At only 21 weeks into 2018, we saw 23 school shootings occur in this time frame, which averaged to about one shooting a week. With every school shooting that occurs, we see many people come together to protest for stricter laws to protect students. Students just want to feel safe, as many have claimed in recent protests and when speaking to the media. Adults who never had to worry about going to school and not making it home afterwards now have to grasp this new reality of fears that parents and students have.

Just recently, another high school shooting took place at Santa Fe High School in Texas. Like every high school massacre, we are left questioning the motive behind these acts. This recent school shooting left many in disbelief when the details of what the shooter wore and his actions during the spree emerged, like a flashback to 1999 during Columbine.

The phrase “Columbine copycat” is exactly what came to mind for many. The 17-year old junior, Dimitrios Pagourtzis, wore a T-shirt with the phrase “Born to Kill,” while the Columbine attackers wore shirts that read “Wrath” and “natural Selection,” but used the born to kill phrase numerous times. They often called themselves BTK-born to kill. Pagourtzis’ choice of arsenals included canisters of carbon-dioxide gas and Molotov cocktails, two types of explosives used by the Columbine gunmen. He had the same red-star medallion with the Communist hammer-and sickle on collar as the Columbine gunman. In addition, Pagourtzis carried out his attack with the same weaponry as the gunman, including a sawed-off shot gun. His “suspected” motive is similar to what the “suspected” motive for the Columbine gunman were reported to be, bullying. Allegedly, it was reported that Pagourtzis spared people he liked, which was also similar to a report of the Columbine gunman during their killing spree.

Pagourtzis, is not the first to try to emulate the Columbine gunman and sadly may not be the last. The Santa Fe Texas Shooting happened in a state where people highly honor the second amendment and have some of the most lenient gun laws in the country.

Many assumed the shooting aftermath wouldn’t see much protest, however it still did. President Trump visited Santa Fe, Texas, to spend some time with families impacted by the school shooting. The time spent with the families seem to have garnered some positive things from President Trump. As a result, Trump said, “My administration is determined to do everything in our power to protect our students, secure hands of those who pose a threat to themselves, and to others.” We sure hope he means it, because it is about time our country hits this issue head on. What do you think needs to be done first, Banning AR-15’s or arming school guards? Only 10% of people think banning AR-15’s is the answer, while 90% believe arming school guards is the first step that needs to be taken. Read more about this story on the New York Post here.

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President Trump says he’s “prepared to do everything in our power to protect our students,” following another deadly school shooting. What needs to be done first?

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