Trying to Date Olivia Culpo? Be Kind to Your Waiter

Trying to Date Olivia Culpo? Be Kind to Your Waiter

You should never make enemies with the people who handle your food. Waiters can spit, stomp, or straight up drop a rude customer’s dishes in the blink of an eye. Olivia Culpo agrees. She says that one of the first things she looks for in a potential partner is if they are kind to others, and watching them interact with a waiter can be a very good first indication of this.

The one trait that she refuses to tolerate is rudeness. She has said that an open heart and being kind is one of the top things she looks for in a man. Culpo also cares a lot about charity work and hopes to find someone who is just as passionate as her.

After dating for two years, Culpo recently split from NFL player Danny Amendola. Past romances include Nick Jonas, who is reportedly trying to reconnect with Culpo after three years being separated. However, Culpo has no interest in trying to get back together with him. Ouch, Nick. Did you forget to tip your waiter?

How would you feel if your significant other was rude to a waiter? 86% of you voted that it says a lot about a person, and 14% of you say that being rude is not a turn off. Read the full story on US Weekly here.

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Olivia Culpo shares one of the biggest turnoffs for her is when someone is rude to a waiter. Does this turn you off?

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