Trump and Kim’s Highly Anticipated Summit Meeting on Hold – For Now

Trump and Kim’s Highly Anticipated Summit Meeting on Hold – For Now

It looks like President Trump’s “Nobel Prize” may have to be reconsidered – for now. Many felt he deserved the Nobel Prize for his efforts with upcoming summit meetings with the U.S., North Korea and South Korea. However, those meetings appear to be put on hold, as North Korea has cancelled the formal peace treaty with South Korea. President Trump had both sides of Korea agree to meet with each other, and were going to talk about how to reduce border tension between them and possibly work on re-uniting families that got separated during the Korean War of the early 1950’s. The cancellation with South Korea comes amid the drills South Korea runs, that are considered to be rehearsals for a possible invasion of the North. The military exercises that were kicked off by the U.S. and South Korea, resulted in second thoughts for Kim. Talk about bad timing.

In addition, North Korea has said they will have to carefully consider the fate of the highly anticipated and planned North Korea and U.S. summit. The consideration of meeting with South Korea, also extended to the U.S. North Korea’s threat to cancel meeting with the U.S. comes after vice foreign minister of North Korea says they have no interest in a summit if it will be a “one-sided” affair, which will result in the U.S. pressuring them to give up their nukes.

Kim Jong-Un previously released three U.S. detainees ahead of his meeting with Trump. The news also comes days after North Korea announced they would dismantle a nuclear bomb test site sometime between May 23 to May 25, as part of their pledge to discontinue nuclear tests, according to USA Today.

The U.S. has made comments that North Korea should abandon nukes, missiles, and biological and chemical weapons, which Kim was reluctant to comment on, unless it was discussed during the planned summit. No word yet on how these threats made by North Korea to cancel summit meeting amongst South Korea and the U.S. will play out in the end.  Do you think North Korea is just trying to back out of nuclear disarming? 70% of us believe that is exactly what Kim is attempting to do and having second thoughts. 30% disagree and think they are trying to prevent an invasion. Read more about this story on USA Today here.

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North Korea threatens to cancel the upcoming summit with President Trump opposing the joint military training drills occurring in the south. Are they trying to back out of nuclear disarming?

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