Iran Just Hit the Checkmate Button on the US

Iran Just Hit the Checkmate Button on the US

President Trump recently shocked many, including former President Barack Obama, after announcing the US will withdraw from the Iran Nuclear agreement deal. New reports by the New York Times, now say that Iran’s supreme leader has hinted that his country might step up its nuclear program. The agreement signed during former President Obama’s term, sanctions a strict limit on Iran’s stockpile enriched uranium, to prevent them from developing nuclear fuel and nuclear weapons. They agreed in return for an easing of economic sanctions, according to the New York Times.

President Trump announced that the United States is working on re-imposing better sanctions. Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, responded to Trump’s statement and said Trump made “petty and mindless statements,” that were filled with about 10 lies. “He threatened both the system and the nation that ‘I will do this and that.’ I say on behalf of the nation of Iran: Mr. Trump, you won’t do a damn thing,” Ayatollah said.

According to the New York Times, Iran has consistently said the uranium enrichment was intended only to operate nuclear power plants and conduct research. However, this also puts Iran closer to being able to produce fuel that could be used for atomic bombs.

Now it appears, Ayatollah Khamenei, also known as the spiritual leader, has the ultimate power in the nation. His power surpasses Iran’s President, Hassan Rouhan. Apparently, Ayatollah has been reconsidering things, as he now suggests that Iran needs a nuclear program, because the country needs more nuclear power. He insists that Iran feels like they have given up too much. Furthermore, Ayatollah has responded to President Trump’s statement with a threat, after Trump says he wants to force a “regime change” on Iran.

For now, Trump’s decision punishes European companies and Asian buyers of oil with Iran, according to the New York Times. Clearly, it seems that Iran is now rethinking the agreement deal, even though they said they would continue abiding to it for now. Do you think Ayatollah stating they may step up production of nuclear fuel after President Trump breaks the Iran deal, is just him playing into the US strategy? 88% of us agree that Ayatollah is playing along and he just hit the checkmate button on the US, while 12% disagree and think the US is in a bind now. Read more about this story on the New York Times here

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Check… Iran’s supreme leader says they may step up production of nuclear fuel as a result of Trump’s breaking the Iran deal. Is he playing into the US strategy?

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