49ers Could be Rising Stars

49ers Could be Rising Stars

There is still hope for last year’s lagging football leagues. The new season may grant possibilities of rising to the top. Just look at the Philadelphia Eagles; they won the Super Bowl after coming in last in the previous season. Or the Jacksonville Jaguars, who made history by capturing the AFC South crown after being at the very bottom in 2016. And this season, teams and fans are open to all kinds of positive outcomes, no matter how unexpected they may be.

Let’s take a look at some 2017 “last-place finishers” that have a chance of making their way to the top, according to USA Today. The Houston Texans are first on the list. They have what it takes to leap higher than ever before, with Watson recovering from a torn anterior cruciate ligament, improving defense, underrated pass rusher Mercilus and new additions to the team: Mathieu, Colvin and Reid. Next up are the 49ers, whose defense is starting to take shape and finished 2017 looking well ahead of their schedule.

Denver’s Broncos are also ready to rise to the top with Keenum as the plug-and-play option and their third-ranked defense. And there is still time to reignite the pass rush between Von Miller and Chubb. The Broncos have all the tools it takes to succeed this year and the possibility of a new rising champion. The Chicago Bears, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Cleveland Browns and New York Jets are also on USA Today’s list.

The month of May and the upcoming season paves way for new NFL beginnings. Which NFL team do you think is making a big leap to the top this season? 52% of people are certain the 49ers will be the next rising star, while 48% believe the Broncos will shine this season. Read more about this story on USA Today here.

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Which NFL team do you think is making a big leap to the top this season?

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