Where in the World is Melania Trump?

Where in the World is Melania Trump?

Where has Melania Trump been? That is what many people are asking, as she hasn’t been seen since her release from the hospital after a routine procedure. It was a full two weeks since her absence and everyone noticed. Her absence came after what the White House described as a minor surgery, yet afterwards, she missed events like the Memorial Day wreath-layering at Arlington National Cemetery.

What happens when one goes missing from the spotlight? Conspiracy theories begin. The White House team didn’t help, as they left people out in the dark. Her recent hospital stay was to treat a benign kidney infection, which is routinely done in one day, therefore this added spark to all the rumors of her whereabouts.

The first lady hasn’t been as visible as previous first ladies in the past. Just when we were beginning to see and hear more from her, she went back into hiding. Spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham, refuses to speak about her whereabouts, but states that she is still working hard at filling her role as first lady.

Grisham said the first lady has “had several meetings internally with staff, and will continue to do so this week. We are focusing on her initiatives, and also some longer-term planning for events, such as the congressional picnic and Fourth of July.”

While she is the most private first lady we have ever seen, she is not the first to deal with rumors and speculations. She is often known to simply ignore them and to not give in to them. Where do you think Melania Trump is? 92% of people think she is just healing from surgery and everything is fine, while 8% of people think she is annoyed with her hubby and hiding. Read the full story onPolitico here.

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Where’s Melania Trump? It’s been two weeks since she’s been by her husband’s side in the public eye.

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