Jessie James Decker- Your New Food Guru

Jessie James Decker- Your New Food Guru

Do you love a good book? How about a nice homemade meal? Well, just combine the two! Many say books are becoming a thing of the past, but cookbooks are still extremely popular. For your next recipe guide, look no further than Jessie James Decker. Decker seems to be winning at everything in life. She has the cutest family, a singing career, a TV show with her handsome husband, fashion and perfume lines, and now she is writing a book called Just Jessie: My Guide to Love, Life, Family, and Food.

Decker’s book includes a lot of recipes that take us back to a Louisiana style kitchen. Her recipes consist of gumbo, Cajun pasta, chili, and even her special homemade chocolate chip cookie recipe. Her new book marks another major accomplishment for this country pop singer. It is set to include photos of her family as well as pictures from her mother’s personal collection.

The book is estimated to be on the shelves in October, but you can pre-order it on Amazonnow for only $20. Do you still use cookbooks for recipes? 49% of people say that apps are all they use, and 51% of people still love a good cookbook. The half of the population that still likes to follow cookbooks should take a page out of Decker’s new book. Or just write your own! Read more about this story on Delish here.

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Jessie James Decker is coming out with a cookbook! Do you still use cookbooks for recipes?

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