AT&T Executive Gone After Payments to Cohen

AT&T Executive Gone After Payments to Cohen

The numerous allegations regarding people within the Trump administration continue to surface. Michael Cohen, President Trump’s lawyer, was paid $600,000 by AT&T’s executive Bob Quinn. A memo that went out to AT&T employees stated that Quinn was retiring, but The New York Post states that an insider said he was fired after revelations about the payment. Furthermore, AT&T stated that it hired Essential Consultants, a company created by Cohen that was used to pay off porn star Stormy Daniels.

These new insights into Cohen’s payoff and AT&T have made for a media storm. Did the $600,000 that Cohen received go directly into his pockets? In exchange for the payoffs, Cohen promised access to Trump and his administration. AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson has called the hiring of Cohen a “big mistake.”

To add to the speculation, a Swiss pharmaceutical company called Novartis also paid Cohen $1.2 million over the course of a year. They originally paid him with the same intent as AT&T, with Cohen’s promise to get into Trump’s inner circle. However, company officials stated that the payments were a mistake and that Cohen had nothing to offer them. Why did the payments continue then? The New York Post reports that the company stated that the continued payments were sent to avoid angering President Trump.

Where did that money go? 82% of people believe that the money went straight into Cohen’s pockets, who was solely profiting from Trump’s ties. 18% of people believe that the money was funneled to Trump. Read more about this story on The New York Post here.

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An AT&T exec has “retired” now that a $600k payment from the company to Michael Cohen has surfaced. Do you think this money went into Cohen’s pockets?

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