North Korea Demolishes Missile Testing Sites

North Korea Demolishes Missile Testing Sites

Kim Jong Un has been making many positive changes prior to his planned summit meeting with President Trump. First, he delivered a “good gesture” by releasing three American detainees, and now he claims to have demolished a nuclear test site. The demolition took place at the site amongst the presence of foreign journalists.

The decision to close the site is another attempt by North Korea to signal a welcoming sign. It is setting a positive tone ahead of the summit meeting. President Trump demands for denuclearization, so this is a positive indication that the summit may be successful.

It feels like only yesterday they were running missile tests and making threats to other countries. On a positive note, the demolished nuclear site can’t be undone now. Seeing as North Korea didn’t invite international inspectors to the ceremony, one can only wonder if this is, in fact true. Why do you think North Korea supposedly demolished their missile testing sites? 60% of people think it is back channel deals, while 40% of people think it is a show of good faith. Read the full story on the New York Post here.

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North Korea has supposedly demolished their missile testing sites. Why?

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