Tyra Banks Doesn’t Care What the ‘Mom Police’ Think About Co-Sleeping

Tyra Banks Doesn’t Care What the ‘Mom Police’ Think About Co-Sleeping

Tyra Banks is getting backlash for saying she is co-sleeping with her 2-year-old son, York. “Everybody’s like, ‘Don’t do that!’” Banks told Us Weekly. It looks like the ‘mom police’ are out to get her – a reference to the moms on social media who attack and criticize other moms for not following their standards of what a mom should or shouldn’t do.

“I started thinking about the wild. Does a black bird say, ‘Go over there, three trees over and go to sleep?’ Or does the big mama pig say, ‘Go there to that mess and go to sleep,’” said Banks. “No. They sleep with their mama. So, we sleep together,” Banks said.

Tyra goes on to explain in the interview about the nighttime ritual that her and her son share together. “I get home and get into bed. He gets his sippy cup and his little security blanket and it’s just our time,” she said.  Read more about this story on Us Weekly here.

What are your thoughts on the backlash Tyra Banks is getting for co-sleeping with her son? 69% of us believe it is totally normal to co-sleep, while 31% say it should not be allowed.

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Do or don’t? Tyra Banks is facing some backlash for saying she co-sleeps with her two-year-old son, York.

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