President Trump for the Nobel Prize?

President Trump for the Nobel Prize?

President Trump might be the peacemaker our country and the world needed. “President Trump should win the Nobel Peace Prize. The only thing we need is peace,” said South Korean President Moon. This comes after Trump led a successful meeting between North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-Un and South Korean President Moon. According to CNN, “the summit between Kim and Moon keeps alive the possibility of a legacy win for Trump that would rank as one of the top presidential achievements since World War II.”

Trump previously had his own summit planned with Kim to discuss the dismantling of nuclear arsenal.  In addition, North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-Un released US detainees prior to his meeting with President Trump. According to CNN, during a recent Michigan rally, Trump supporters serenaded the president by chanting “Nobel, Nobel, Nobel.” This comes after recent reports that the president isn’t getting the credit he deserves for his strategy on garnering a meeting with President Kim and President Moon.

However, not everyone is completely convinced Trump deserves the full credit just yet. It is one thing to discuss it during meetings, but another thing to see it happen. President Moon suggest that that other “key players” would also be front-runners for that “Nobel Prize” his supporters think he deserves. Trump may be the one who helped push the summits, but it takes these leaders’ initiatives to accept and partake in them. Regardless, Trump shows he is happy with what is happening by recently tweeting “KOREAN WAR TO END! The United States, and all of its GREAT people, should be very proud of what is now taking place in Korea!” Trump wrote. Read more about this on CNN here.

We sure hope Trump is right and that we are near the end of the Korean war! Do you think President Donald Trump should be credited for the peace in Korea? 95% of us believe Trump will be a hero and should be credited, while 5% don’t believe he deserves credit.

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Should the world credit President Donald Trump for peace in Korea? As the historic summit between the U.S. and N.Korea approaches the peninsula is talking about denuclearization?

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