The Time to Negotiate a Job Salary for Women is Now!

The Time to Negotiate a Job Salary for Women is Now!

More and more women are speaking up and speaking out about the equal pay gap. Women are trying to break the gap and demanding to be treated equally. After all, women should be payed the same as men who hold the same title and job duties. However, the reality is that a woman is still being payed 78 cents to every dollar a man makes. That’s a 22-cent difference and this holds true for women in every industry, with some gaps being larger.

Thank you to the powerful women with a voice who are speaking out about money in many ways, inspiring other women. Women in the entertainment industry are demanding more money, bragging about earnings and talking about equal pay. In response, it is engaging more and women to do the same. Ellen Pompeo, Catt Sadler and Cardi B, are just three of many women who are inspiring ladies in all industries to stand up and speak out about equal pay.

Now more than ever, women are coming together to bridge the gap of equal pay and stand up and be heard. “I think, nationwide, females are starting to move into power positions like never before, and realizing being paid what they deserve shouldn’t be a deal breaker when searching for a job,” says Meagan, who works in marketing in New York.

Meagan who spoke to Glamour magazine is just one of many who is inspired and taking charge. Other celebrities who have come forward include Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Schumer, Olivia Munn, Natalie Portman, Emmy Rossum and Debra Messing just to name a few. These women are speaking up for each other, for themselves and for all women. Read more about this story on Glamour here.

Women coming together to make a change is exciting on all levels. Have you negotiated a job salary before? 70% of us women know our worth and have negotiated a job salary, while 30% are too nervous to do so. The time is now! In the words of Ellen Pompeo, “If you accept work that doesn’t meet your worth, that’s the work you’ll continue to invite into your life.”

Here’s how people on the Zip app are weighing in on this all over the country!

Ellen Pompeo, Catt Sadler and Cardi B have inspired women to stand up for equal pay. Ladies, have you negotiated a job salary before?

70% Y - know your worth
30% N - I'm nervous
67% Y - know your worth
33% N - I'm nervous
72% Y - know your worth
28% N - I'm nervous

Zip users in 108 cities and 34 states weighed in on this question.

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