Enjoy a Latte with Prince Harry and Meghan

Enjoy a Latte with Prince Harry and Meghan

We all know by now that coffee and lattes have become a form of artwork in many shops around the world. A bakery in Windsor has taken it up a notch in honor of the upcoming royal wedding. Heidi, the bakery and coffee shop located a few blocks down the hill from Windsor Castle, is offering edible works of art – lattes made using the Ripple Machine, of Harry and Meghan’s faces.

If you’re in Windsor and have a hankering for a latte, stop by and celebrate. They will only be sold during the week leading up to the big day. The latte is inspired by the couple’s engagement photo. If you’re more a fan of the Queen, then you’re in luck. Heidi is also offering a latte featuring the Queen’s portrait. In addition, you can pair your latte with miniature versions of the elderflower and lemon royal wedding cake.

According to a Heidi staff member, there’s been a big buzz about the place. Would you get one of these lattes for yourself? 79% find these pretty creepy and will pass, while 21% think they are so cool and need one! Read more about this story and check out the cool pieces of artwork on Delish here.

Here’s how people on the Zip app are weighing in on this all over the country!

A bakery in Windsor is now making lattes with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s faces in them. Would you get one of these?

21% Need one, so cool!
79% Pretty creepy
20% Need one, so cool!
80% Pretty creepy
22% Need one, so cool!
78% Pretty creepy

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