Instagram vs. Bullying

Instagram vs. Bullying

Social media can either be your best friend or worst enemy. Hopefully, the latter isn’t the case. For some accounts, with every nice comment there’s a mean one right under it. Instagram hopes to tackle this once and for all, announcing that they will be taking steps to control bullying on the platform.

“Starting today, Instagram will filter bullying comments intended to harass or upset people in our community,” CEO Kevin Systrom said. The filter will happen automatically, so we’ll never have to see any of the negative comments. These comments that will be hidden can include anything that pertains to someone’s appearance, character or well-being. For repeat offenders, Instagram will be notified to keep tabs on them and eventually remove any troll users. Instagram has also taken steps to provide mental health support for users in need.

Take that, Insta trolls! In the social media world, this is a huge step toward creating a safe space for its users. But, what about Facebook and Twitter? Will they follow suit? It looks like we’re split here. 52% of females are saying other platforms will start filtering. Read more about this story on InStyle here.

Here’s how people on the Zip app are weighing in on this all over the country!

Instagram is standing up to bullying. They announced they will filter bullying comments intended to harass or upset people. Will other platforms follow suit?

50% For sure, flirting
50% Doubt it
49% For sure, flirting
51% Doubt it
52% For sure, flirting
48% Doubt it

Zip users in 126 cities and 36 states weighed in on this question.

Instagram vs. Bullying

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